100 Fabricated Hadiths

Bismillah-hir Rahman-nir Raheem (in the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful)

One of the problems in the Muslim world today is trying to work out whether what you are being told about Islam is genuine or not. We are divided into sects and they follow things that are based in Islam and also things that are NOT based in Islam.

You can get further information in the book – 100 Fabricated Hadith.

Here are 100 hadith that have been fabricated – they are untrue and not to be relied upon.

  1. Conversation in the Masjid eats up good deeds the way animals consume grass. (This hadith is devoid of isnad)
  2. Beautify your table with herbs for verily it drives away the devil upon reciting Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  3. Prayer performed in a turban is equivalent to 15 prayers without a turban. And a Jumu’ah prayer performed in a turban is equivalent to 10 Jumu’ah prayers without a turban. Verily the angels wear turbans for the Jumu’ah prayer and they continue to send blessings on the people who wear turbans until sunset. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar)
  4. Love the Arabs for three reasons: because I, Muhammad (pbuh) am ar Arab, the Holy Qur’an was revealed in Arabic and the language of Jannah will be Arabic. (Related as false by Al-Haakim)
  5. When Adam committed the sin of approaching the forbidden tree, he said, “O Lord, I beg of Thee to Forgive me due to the right of Muhammad (pbuh) over You” So Allah said, “O Adam, how did you know about Muhammad (pbuh) seeing that I have not yet created him.” He (Adam) replied, “O Lord, when You Created me with Your own hands and blew in me of Your soul, I raised up my head, thereupon I saw on the pillar of Your throne; There is no god but Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) is His Messenger; written on it. I therefore know that You wouldn;t have mentioned someone’s name beside Yours unless he was the most beloved person to You in the whole of Your creation.” So Allah said to him, “O Adam, you have spoken rightly, verily he is the most loved by Me of all My creation. Call upon Me by his right over Me and I’ll forgive you. And if it wasn’t for Muhammad (pbuh) I wouldn’t have created you.” (Related by Al-Haakim as very weak; Adh-Dhahabee classified it as fabricated)
  6. There is not a single person from among the Muslims who has not been forgiven by Allah for his sins on Jumu’ah day. (Classified as fabricated by Al-Asqalaani and Adh-Dhahabee)
  7. He who gets married before he performs Hajj has indeed started (his life) by committing a great wrong. (Graded fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  8. He who visits the grave of his parents every Jumu’ah and recites Surah Ya-Sin over them or one of them, shall have his sins forgiven by the number of each verse or each letter. (Graded fabricated by Ibn Adee – devoid of isnad)
  9. I am a city of knowledge and Ali is the gate by which you pass to obtain that knowledge. (Classified fabricated by Imam Bukhari)
  10. The members of my household are like the stars in the sky. Whichever one you follow you shall be guided. (Classified fabircated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  11. My companions are like the stars in the sky. Whichever one you follow you shall be guided. (Related by Ibn Hazm who said a liar was found in the isnad called Salam Ibn Sulayman)
  12. Diversity among my followers is a Mercy from Allah. (Ibn Hazm said this is not a hadith)
  13. If it weren’t for women, Allah would have been worshipped properly. (Related by Ibn Adee – a man in the isnad is deemed a liar)
  14. Obedience to a woman’s advice causes regret. (Related by Ibn Abu Haatim – fabricated)
  15. There is no sin in backbiting an evil-liver. (Related by Tabaraani)
  16. Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab is the light of Islam in this world and the lamp (light) for the people of Jannah in the Hereafter. (Related by Ibn Jawzee)
  17. Seek knowledge even as far as China. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee and Ibn Hibbaan)
  18. The scholars od my Ummah (ie. Ummah of Muhammad (pbuh)) are like the Prophets of Israel. (Classified as fabricated by the IIjmaa of the scholars)
  19. The sneezing of a person while another is speaking is a proof that what the person is saying is the truth. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  20. To think for an hour is better than to be engaged in worship for a period of 60 years. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  21. When Allah Created the Aql (human intellect) He Commanded it by saying “Come” and it went to Allah. He then said to it “Retreat” and it retreated. So He Said, “By My Glory and Majesty, I have not Created anything more precious than thee.” (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  22. An illegitimate child cannot enter Paradise nor anyone from his descendants to as far as the 70th generation. ((Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  23. There is no adhaan nor iqaamah for women and no Ghusl for Salaat-ul-Jumu’ah. ((Classified fabricated by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal)
  24. There isn’t a Prophet that was sent except after reaching the age of 40. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  25. Allah Will not Punish (His Servants) over an issue in which there was a difference of opinion concerning it. (Classified fabricated by Sakhaawi)
  26. Bury your dead in the graveyards of the pious people, for verily the dead is hurt by a bad neighbour the same manner in which a living person suffers from a bad neighbour. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  27. I begged my Lord (Glorified be He) not to send any member of my household to the Hellfire and He Granted my request. (Classified fabricated by Nisaai’)
  28. He who invited someone to Islam, causing him or her to embrace it, then he, the caller, shall surely enter the Paradise. (Classified fabricated by As0Saghaani)
  29. He who plays chess is cursed. (Classified fabricated by Imam Nawawi)
  30. Were I to swear by Allah and tell a lie, is more preferred by me than to swear by someone other than Allah and speak the truth. (Classified fabricated by Daar Qutnee)
  31. Verily the Angels said to Allah, “O Lord, how do You exercise patience in regards to the many sins of Bani Adam?” He said, “I test them, then I Pardon them for their sins.” The Angels said, “If only we were in their place, we wouldn’t have disobeyed you.” He Said, “Then choose two Angels from among you to be in their place.” So they chose Harut and Marut; and they both descended towards the Earth. Allah then Gave them sexual desires. They then finally descended to the Earth. Upon reaching Earth there came to them a woman called Zuhra and they both fell in love with her. So they both began to conceal from each other the feelings of lust, which they had in their hearts for Zuhra. One of them returned to her; then the other same and said, “Do you feel what I feel for her?” He said, “Yes.” Then they both asked her for her body. She replied, “I will never submit my body to you both until you teach me the secret word that you use to ascend the Heavens and return to Earth.” Then both Harut and Marut refused; then again they asked for her body but she refused also. They both then gave in and taught her the secret words to ascend in the Heavens. She immediately used it and as soon as she ascended the Heavens, Allah tossed a star at her, which destroyed all her wings. Harut and Marut then begged Allah to forgive them; so Allah gave them a choice. He Said, “If you like, I can Return you to your angelic state and punish you now in the duniya and return you to your angelic state on Judgement Day.” One of the them said to the other, “The punishment of duniya is temporary.” So they chose to be punished in the duniya rather than to be punished in the Hereafter. Allah then Todl them to go to Babylon, so they both went there and stayed. They are presently hanging between the Heavens and the Earth, being punished until Judgement Day. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  32. The carrying of a rod is a sign of a true Muslim and a tradition of all Prophets. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  33. He who practises I’tikaaf for 10 days of Ramadhan, will get the reward of 2 Hajj and 2 Umrah. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  34. It is better for you to speak in Arabic and avoid speaking in Persian, for verily it breeds hypocrisy. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  35. There is no good in black people. When they are hungry, they steal and when their stomach is full, they commit zina. However they have 2 noble characteristics, which are generosity to their guests and perserverance at times of hardship. (Classified fabricated by Imam Bukhari and Ibn Jawzee)
  36. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) once seat on a cushion made of silk. (Classified fabricated by Al-Haafiz Zaylaee)
  37. Marry and do not divorce for verily Allah’s Throne shakes whenever a divorce occurs. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  38. The Holy Prophey (pbuh) never used to visit a sick person until after 3 days. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  39. Beware of sins (unlwaful sexual intercourse) for verily it results in 6 evil consequences, 3 of which occur on earth while the others occur in the Hereafter. As for those that occur on earth, they are:It takes away radiance from your face.It breeds poverty.It causes your sustenance to decrease.

    And for those that will occur in the Hereafter, they are:

    It brings down the wrath of the Lord.

    It makes one’s reckoning become difficult.

    It causes one to abide in the Hellfire forever.

    (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)

  40. He who begets a son and names him Muhammad  for the sake of blessing, both he and his son will be in Jannah. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  41. He who begets 3 sons and doesn’t name any of them Muhammad is indeed an ignorant person. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  42. He who builds a house bigger than what is necessary will be made to carry it on his shoulders on the Day of Judgement. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  43. To love your country is a part of Imaan. (Classified fabricated by Saghaani)
  44. A small amount of deeds backed up by knowledge is beneficial, while penty of good deeds without any knowledge is useless. (Classified fabricated by Imam Suyooti)
  45. Beware of the duniya for verily its magical powers are greater than that of Harut and Marut. (Classified fabricated by (Al-Haafiz Al-Iraqi)
  46. He who made Hajj to the house in Makkah and didn’t visit my grave in Madinah has indeed treated me badly. (Classified fabricated by Ash-Shoukaani)
  47. He who makes Hajj and then viists my grave when I die, will be like the one who visited me when I was alive. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Ma’een)
  48. Chicken takes the place of lamb for the poor of my ummah and Jumu’ah is their Hajj. (Classified fabricated by Adh0Dhahabee, Ibn Jawzee and Ad-Daar Qutnee)
  49. Whenever anyone of you cohabits with his wife, let him avoid looking at her private parts because it causes blindness, and also let him avoid excessive talking because this causes dumbness. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee and Ibn Hibbaan)
  50. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) forbade that one should cohabit with his wife before foreplay. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  51. Allah Shall Call people by their mother’s names on teh Day of Judgement in order to cover for them. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  52. The aubergine is a cure for all ailments. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar Al-Asaqalaani)
  53. Let the most handsome among you lead the prayer because it is more likely that he will be the best in character and use your wealth to safeguard yoru honour and safeguard yoru deen by guarding your tongue. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  54. He who travels on umu’ah day shall have 2 angels invoking Allah against him, that he should have no one accompanying him on his journey and that he should not accomplish whatever aim and objective he set out to accomplish. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee and Ibn Hibbaan)
  55. Verily for everything there is a heart and the heart of teh Qur’an is Surah Ya-Sin. He who reads it once will have the reward of reading the Qur’an 10 times. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Abee Haatim)
  56. He who charges a fee for teahcing teh Qur’an to others, then that will be his only reward in regards the Qur’an. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  57. Wudhu on top of wudhu is light on top of light. (Classified fabricated by Al-Mandharee)
  58. Backbiting nullifies one’s wudhu and salah. (Classified fabricated by Ad-Daar Qutnee and Al-Haakim)
  59. Verily it is the non-Arabic speaking nations that do this (ie. kissing the hands of their kings) and I, Muhammad (pbuh), am not a king. I am but a man from among you. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  60. The mistake of Prophet Dawud was in his lust. (Classified fabricated by Imam Suyooti and Adh-Dhahabee)
  61. Whenever soemthing is comprised of halaal and haraam, the haraam always outweighs the halaal. (Classified fabricated by Al-Haafiz Al-Iraqi)
  62. To look at a beautiful face improves one’s eyesight and to look at an ugly face causes one’s eyesight to fade. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Hibbaan)
  63. To look at the face of a beautiful woman and green vegetation, improves one’s eyesight. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  64. If the Arabs should become degraded, then Islam would become degraded too. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Abee Haatim)
  65. The Prophet (pbuh) had teh ability to see in the dark the way he used to see in the daylight. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  66. It is the sunnah that one should not perform more than one salaah with tayammum; instead he should make a fresh tayammum for each and every salaah. (Classified fabricated by Ahmad Ibn Hanbal)
  67. Allah Has Sworn that He Shall never Allow a stingy person to enter the Paradise. (Classified fabricated by Ad-Daar Qutnee)
  68. Whenever the Imam ascends the Mimbar on Jumu’ah day, there should be no salah and talking. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  69. He who shortens the Iqaamah by reciting (Allahu Akbar) twice, is not one of us. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  70. He who raises his hands in Salaah, has no Salaah. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Taahir)
  71. He who performs wudhu and wipes his neck, will not have iron fetters placed around his neck on Judgement Day. (Classified fabricated by Ad-Daar Qutnee and Al-Haakim)
  72. Verily Allah Loves to See His servant tired and exhausted in his quest for halaal things. (Classified fabricated by Ad-Daar Qutnee)
  73. The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr. (Classified fabricated by Khateeb)
  74. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) was once returning from a battle with his companions and he turned to them and said, “We have returned from the lesser Jihad to the greater Jihad; Jihad-un-Nafs, Jihad-Al-Akbar, ir. to fight against your evil desires is the greatest.” (Classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar)
  75. He who eats with someone whose sins are forgiven will have his sins forgiven also. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Hajar)
  76. The spider is a shaytaan transformed by Allah, so kill it. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Adee)
  77. He who prays 20 rak’at between Maghrib and Isha shall have a house built in the Paradise. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  78. A scholar of Islam will never become senile. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Abee Haatim)
  79. A reciter fo the Qur’an will never become senile. (Classified fabricated by Suyooti)
  80. There shall arise a man from among my followers by the name of Muhammad Ibn Idrees (Imam Sha’afi). He will be more deterimental to my followers than iblees. And there shall arise a man from among my followers by the name of Abu Haneefa, he will be the light of my ummah. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  81. Allah Had Disallowed the recitation of the Holy Qur’an with a charming voice. (Classified fabricated by Al-Haythamee)
  82. He who recites while he is praying behind the Imam will have his mouth filled with fire on the Day of Judgement. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Taahir)
  83. Whenever one performs a lot of Hajj and Umrah, he or she is protected from poverty. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Hibbaan)
  84. He who prayed 2 raka’ah of prayer in privacy without being seen by anyone except Allah and the angels, will be saved form the Hellfire. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  85. The heart of a believer is Allah’s dwelling place. (Classified fabricated by Az-Zarkashee and Ibn Taymiyyah)
  86. Madinah is holier than Makkah. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  87. Verily Allah does not accept a supplication which has a grammatical error in it. (Classified fabricated by Mula Ali Qaari)
  88. If a people should enter a man’s house, then he, the owner of the house, is their amir until they depart; it’s incumbent on them to obey his orders. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  89. The Jumu’ah prayer is compulsory on 50 men and whenever they are less than 50, Jumu’ah is not compulsory on them. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  90. There is not a single Prophet who had a nocturnal emission (wet dream) for verily nocturnal emission is from the shaytaan. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)
  91. There will be no Mahdi and no Isa, ie. the return of Jesus. (Classified fabricated by Shawkaani and Saghaani)
  92. The Mahdi shall come from the lineage of my uncle Abbas. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Adee)
  93. He who knows himself knows his Lord. (Classified fabricated by As-Sakhaawi)
  94. Make your tawwassul with my Glory for verily my Glory, in the sight of Allah, is great. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Taymiyyah)
  95. Allah the Most High Has Promised this house (the Kaa’ba) that 600,000 worshippers shall viist it yearly for Hajj and if this number is not present, He Shall Make it up with the angels. (Classified fabricated by Al-Haafiz Al-Iraqi)
  96. Verily Allah Has angels whom He Has Assigned to transport the Deeds. (Classified fabricated by Sakhaawi)
  97. The white rooster is my friend and a friend of my friend and an enemy of my enemy. (Classified fabricated by Ibn Jawzee)
  98. Music sows hypocrisy in the hearts like the water causes the crops to germinate. (Classified fabricated by Imam Nawawi)
  99. A shaikh is like a Prophet among his people. (Classified fabricated by Ash-Shawkaani and many others)
  100. Necessity knows no law. (Classified fabricated by Adh-Dhahabee)


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